WTS: T5 stick and SFAC stick (need gone ASAP)

ok So i have a SFAC stick and i dont wanna carry that big arcade stick everywhere i go so now i would like to switch back to the T.E

What i have:
SFAC Stick Modded with ill Stick and Happ Comp push buttons $90 (you will have to pay shipping for this one.)

Hit me up with offers


bump again

Don’t bump unless you’re lowering price. Read the rules.

I’m interested in the T5 stick… is it still available?

yes. it is.

SFAC stick pending to Tuxedo. T5 is still available


T5 stick w shipping?

Also, pic of the tape? is it damaged?

when you say damaged what do you mean? I will post pictures of it shortly and yes 65 shipped.

I don’t understand why it’s taped… Is the cord ripped or something?

The cord was rippin due to when i was at tournaments i would play on the floor and the console would be on higher ground. So it was peeling off. So i rapped it up with tape So it would keep doing that.

aight, just take the tape off and show me the pic. :slight_smile:

Is the American stick for 360 and PS3?

SFAC stick is for ps2/and og xbox.

Is that a wire sticking out?

thats because i didnt tape it up all the way…

Hmm… yeah, I think I’m going to pass on that.I didn’t realize it would be like that. I was thinking it would just be stretched out, like my old SNES pads.

Thanks though.

Ok fine by me.