Wts T5 Stick!

I have a Tekken 5 Joystick (anniversary collection) and i am trying to get rid of this since i stopped playing arcade games and i am trying to save up for an xbox 360. I have actually only used this stick once for the newegg tournament they had a long time ago and i bought it specifically for that tournament which means its in great condition. I have had this stored under my desk for the longest time and for some reason the paint has been faded on parts of it but that doesn’t change the condition it is in cuz its still brand new. I am selling the whole package just to get rid of it all so that means the collectors box that it comes with (to store all tekken games) and the actual tekken 5 game which is still sealed. I will start the bidding at $60.00 + shipping costs and i will keep this up for about a week or 2. I don’t have a camera with me atm but once i get a hold of 1 i will post a picture. If you guys can’t get a hold of me or want to make offers or what not, the best way is to msg me on aim l3ustal3ust1234 or email me at l3ustal3ust@yahoo.com Pics are coming soon hopefully by this weekend so please be patient.