WTS: T5 stick



I have a Tekken 5 arcade stick that I found in my old room at my parents house that I’d like to get rid of. It has the original box and the foldout case for all your Tekken games. I know I used it for about a month but remember trading in T5 to get SC3 and I play SC on pad so its pretty darn close to new. I didn’t even remember I had it. I tested it on my dad’s PS2 to make sure it still works and it does.

Price: $60 O.B.O.
Shipping: $22ish
I did a shipping estimate from here(orland,fl) to LA,CA and it was like $21.14 so shipping will adjust depending on where you are I assume.

The box

The stick in the box

the stick on the box

the receipt which fell out of the box lol! its hard to read but its from 04/05/05 >.< just thought it was funny


Need to post a price.


Ok, everything should be fixed Kazujiro. :smiley:


pm sent!