WTS: T5 top panel w/ buttons buttons and extra hori buttons

Got a T5 just for the case and pcb and wanted to know if anyone would be interested in getting the T5 template. I’ll throw in the extra horis I’ve accumulated so it’s 16 red 30mm, 4 yellow 24mm, and the buttons that are already on the template if you don’t mind paying a little extra for shipping.



Don’t know what it would go for and just want to get rid of it so $30 shipped for just the panel or best offer. Accepting trades on this of course. PM or post if interested.

I also have a few misc parts leftover such as jlf microswitches, a pair of square gates for jlf, and a few ball tops.

PMed you. I’m interested in the Box and the ball tops as well. I do have some 24mm buttons we had discussed on previous manners. Let me know.

pm sent

bump, still available. Last 2 buyers backed out. :sad: