WTS : Tatsunoko vs Capcom / TvC GAME + FIGHTSTICK


bought brand new 3 days ago, decided to return the wii however.

Fightstick is $80 retail + tax
and game is $50 retail + tax
Items were used for 3 hrs


Paypal only!


Check your PM Inbox.

  • Jimmy


Damn that’s a good price, if only i didn’t already bought TvC…Good luck!


Is the stick basically a fightstick clone?? With QD’s and Sanwa clones and all?

Also, I kept hearing the stick was wireless and used the wiimote----but I think I see a wire. Is it wired or wireless?

Very interested!

EDIT: While waiting on your response, I’d like to also just change my interest to “ready to pay right now.”


The stick is wireless, the wire you see is used to connect to the Wii mote.


Ahh okay thanks for the heads up.


I think those are real Sanwa parts.


They are not sanwa parts, exactly…but madcatz upgraded from the se and actually used an orion pcb board for the joystick and upgraded the button components as well


no likey the game?


it’s clone sana, it’s not a clone of the SE. It’s higher quality than the SE, MadCatz basically replied to consumer response to the SE


this gone?


Still have it.


Is this still avaliable? Did anyone take it yet?




I have pmed u for this 2 items or u dont ship to canada anymore.


Payment sent


Thanks for ignoring my request for buying this and avoiding my pms.


Ah my bad meus. I had just got home and checked the thread and did click -pm, not checking my top right pm’s. This new interface with “notification” is still bugging me.
STEZO i’ll try to ship it out tomorrow, you should be auto-notified by paypal.