WTS TE Comic Con Artwork and Bezel + other TE Artworks


Original this post was to buy two sticks I was looking for however, I have acquired both of them at this time. So I’m turning it into a WTS/WTB thread so I don’t make another thread


So school is right around the corner for me and I want to have an easier time getting/renting books. So I am posting a couple things up for sale that I had stored away.

Starting off here is some ARTWORKS ONLY for The Original TE and 2 white bezels.

I have:
1x Xbox 360 Soul Calibur 5 Artwork (the bezel is sadly gone)
1x PS3 Soul Calibur 5 Artwork (same situation as above)
1x Round 1 TE Artwork
1x Round 2 TE Artwork
1x white bezel TE Bezel
1x White bezel for TE is left
1x Comic Con original artwork and Bezel (these come in as a package, not sure if I wanted to post this but I am not using this in the foreseeable future)
1x Hori HRAP 3 SE artwork and Panel (this was taken off of the original stick as someone wanted to purchase the body only and I kept the top panel)



Taking offers on the above. I am not sure what the above items go for since these are more of a niche item at this point.


Prices? I’m interested in the SE Shell, do you have pics of it? Also is it complete or missing anything?


I’ll upload pics of the se shell later. Its just the shell. So its messing the buttons up top and the controller board with the guide button and turbo. Pm me for prices


i have the ps2 stick. it is used those and the box is kinda worn. Maybe 2 hours of play on it. but its been years since i used it. lmk if you want photos and price


Post pics of SE shell.


@Yenjoi I’ve got the 15th anniversary I’ve been trying to unload. Box is worked, but the stick is pretty well off. PM for pics.


still looking for both of these sticks. Let me know if you no longer want yours and hopefully we can work something out


Will post the pic of the se shell later tonight


updated with pics so you can see the shell

also yes the shell does come with the back metal plate aswell


SE shell please. PM in coming.


korean stick still available?


Korean stick still for sale also I replied to the pms


check ebay. few vs’s and tons of 15th av


Se shell is sold. Title updated to accomadate the crown stick


updated to add 360 games and a turtle beach mw3 headset


Updated to add two ps360+ PCBs and a foe hammer purple magnum case


Ya got pics and how much for 1 ps360+ pcb?


I’ll upload pics later slaycruz. Around the time I get home from work which is about 7 today mountain time


You might want to specify what model stick that is, just saying “Korean crown” is pretty vague. Crown makes several models.