WTS: TE STICK XBOX 360 (Damaged Panel) $45

I fucked up the panel trying to mod it. This is a modder’s project if they are looking to do anything. The wiring inside has a few wires disconnected from me trying to pull the panel off as the hex bolt is stuck. It has a red ball top on it and all white buttons from when I started the mod process. All buttons/stick is Sanwa. It has a round 2 design.

If you have any questions PM me. I would like to get this shipped on Friday.


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This is the Hex nut that is stuck in the top left corner. Hopefully you can get it out by opening the bottom or something.


I’ll buy it. Send me a Paypal Addy for Price+Shipping.

If the panel is indeed damaged, whoever buys it can always get a replacement

Nevermind, have to up price to 75 shipped. I was going to sell it for 45 + 15 shipped, but I don’t need the money that bad. If you’re willing to pay 75, hit me up with a PM. I have a Youtube vid going up showing whats wrong.


I know in the vid I say I am looking for 45 plus shipping. I am looking for 75 total.

PM Sent

dude check ur pm box, don’t let my pm stand there without a reply.


Purchased by Havitz, sorry for the hassle. Will send tomorrow after class.