WTS: TE Type S, God of War III, inPins, Xconverter 360 + & more! Free Shipping!



Add 8.775% sales tax in California. Sorry, Arnold wants his money!

God of War III - $60 shipped

I just got SSFIV TE’s! I’ve got: PS3 1 white, 1 black; 360 sold out for now. Asking $150 each shipped. These are very hard for me to get so I’m not putting them on the site since once I sell the two I have, that’s all I can get for now, so if you are interested, send a PM or post here.


inPin PS2 to PS3 controller converters for $25 shipped and new PS2 to Xbox 360 controller Xconverter 360 Plus for $25 shipped Via usps first class in the US.

Please note: The XConverter 360 Plus requires a wired XBox 360 controller to work. A wireless controller with a play and charge kit WILL NOT WORK. Many Rock Band/Guitar Hero controllers are reported as working though.

Both are generally regarded as the best of their kind by the SRK community with no lag or dropped inputs.

Heavy Rain for PS3. Brand New, never opened. $60 shipped.

Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 or XBox 360. Brand new, never opened. $60 shipped.

Madcatz Round 2 Tournament Edition Stick (PS3 or 360) Brand New in Box - SRK only Sale! Madcatz Round 2 TE Stick $130 shipped. PM to take advantage of this as the website is not setup for this price!



MAS Systems Super Pro Stick for PS2 Six button setup (black or white face)


Temporarily sold out. Just waiting on MAS Systems to fill my reorder.


Madcatz Xbox 360 wired controller $25 shipped

New in box Dreamcast Console $90 shipped

New in Box RetroDuo 2in1 NES/SNES console $50 shipped

Generic Brand SNES controllers $6 shipped

RetroBit SNES Controller Extension Cable $6 shipped

Turtle Beach P21 wired gaming headset = $80 shipped

HDMI Cables (6 feet) $10 shipped

Long USB Charging Cable for PS3 Sixaxis/Dualshock 3 (10 feet) - $4 shipped

USB Extension Cable (6 feet) $4 shipped

I ship Monday through Friday, weekly.

Some customer comments:


Do you have any others? I’m looking for any Grateful Dead from '69


no, sorry i’ve just got what’s listed.


very, very cool. best of luck with the auctions!


Nice, all 4 SRK deadheads in one place.


Also wanted to chime in and say that these are awesome. I wish they were $10 reprints instead of originals I can’t afford. :smile:


Thanks guys!

No trade offers?




These are incredibly awesome. Gonna pass the links on to my dad, he might be interested in one.


Sweet, thanks dude.


Big Mama Mae Thornton poster sold. Bump.




bump. converters added.




replied. Thanks.






PM sent


Replied to both. Gigazord and Funkyf, your orders just shipped an hour ago. Thanks guys!


you looking for trades? if so anything you have in mind?