WTS: TE with Art Plexi and more! Need sold ASAP *UPDATED*

So I’m selling off a couple of extras I have to help pay to go to Seasons Beatings: Redemption, and to help pay for a Namco I just recently bought off of a friend, so I need this sold AS SOON AS FREAKING POSSIBLE. I take Paypal/Cash/Money Order.


Full 22-dvd set of Rurouni Kenshin Anime Series. In good condition, watched once through, but now I need the money to help afford to go to Seasons Beatings. I also have the first 5 “Vizbig” Mangas of Rurouni Kenshin, read twice but in mint/near-mint condition. Looking for $115 shipped for the DVD’s, and $75 shipped for the mangas. I paid around $100 for the books, so i’m looking to try and make my money back from them. The books are the 3-in-1 books, so it’s like getting 15 of the mangas. I’ll do $160 shipped for both together if you’d like. Price is OBO as well. Pics:

Yahsticks.com Pink Swirl Case I’m looking to get rid of. Was originally going to be a tournament stick for me, and I did use it at a couple tournaments, but I ended up having to gut it 'cause I need the money. Now looking to sell the case. Pics:

Looking for $75 shipped.

Next up is a Balrog Tournament Edition for 360 with Arthongs Plexi and Print, all sanwa. Pic of the stick:

Here’s a pic of the template:

Looking for $115 shipped, rather firm on this since it’s for a friend, and it does have the Arthong plexi on it. I think that’s a fair price.

Turtle Beach Ear Force X4. Hate to sell them, but I need the money. Asking $90 shipped. Pic:


Voice chat doesn’t work on these, I believe you need a new chat piece, which you can buy for $8 from Turtle Beach. Other than that they work just fine. I need the money more than I need these.

Thanks for looking! Keep in mind all items are OBO.

hmmm, i kinda want everything…lol…just shipping to canada might be a bit messy…

PM replied.

PM Sent for the Juri Case. Do you have other pics of it? What about pics for the “pink swirl” case you mentioned?

PM Replied. Also whoever thought it was funny to hack my account and change my avatar that’s not very funny. >.>

  • Juri Stick Sold
  • Updated with a few pics of the Pink Swirl Case

Help me out guys, this is gonna help me get to Season’s Beatings: Redemption!

Added some new items, balrog stick is pending, my bad. I said the pink swirl case was, but it’s the balrog TE that’s pending.

Updated with new items, and Modern Warfare 2 has been sold.

Wish I had the cash for those kenshin dvd’s. Kyoto arc was epic.
Good luck with your sale!

Thanks man, I appreciate it. And I agree, I liked the show and characters, but the fact that he never killed anybody in his fights got a bit reptitive, but more than anything i need the money lol.