WTS: TEasy S + Dual Strike


Hello there SRK!

I currently have a TEasy S + dual strike for sell. TEasy S means it’ll fit the S models and the chun li TE. Also note these are only for the 360 TE S or chun stick. I’m selling it to the locals for 37** (which I prefer). If theres no buyers in my area, just add 5 dollars for shipping. Here is the pic and happy lunar new years!

Comes with:
-4 spacers for Teasy (you can see it in the anti static bag on the left side)
-ribbon cable
-other accessories may be included if buyer asked for it. (cable ties, and i believe the other thing is called bay)


Saitou if u dont have local buyer, will take those off ur hands.


give it about a day or so. i’ll let you know.


last and only bump til monday.