WTS: Tees

I’ve been playing around with a couple of tee designs under the name Counterpick.
I have them up on MySoti for sale if anyone’s interested.
They take a while to come through (first one took a week or so to process then spent three weeks in the post from US to Canada) but the quality is great.
They’re all available on a few different coloured tees if you click through and some are on girls style tees too.

So far I have these…
EDIT: Added the Gutter Trash ones as requested.








I’m liking that first one! I’d be interested to know how the quality turns out.

I might have to get one when I get the extra scratch.

I’ve only ordered the 4th one on the linked product page so far(the pixel one) until I get some dollar, but once it turns up I’ll post pics and review the quality.

change the phrase to “Gutta Trash” but keep the fancy classy lettering haha. you won’t be able to keep em in stock!

Yeah, I was torn between the two but I thought dignity worked better in the end.
I may do a gutter trash one with something other than the rose at some point if someone doesn’t beat me to it.

well man if you do one exactly as is with the phrase gutta trash, i’d definitely pick one up. layout of the text might be hard since there’s fewer words, bot I think the contrast of the rose and frilly lettering with that phrase would work really well. People who play the game would understand, and people who don’t would probably still think it’s funny out of confusion haha.

Bought a “Gutter Trash” shirt. Keep up the good work!

Cool, man, cheers.
I was just about to post to say I’d added them. That last one I added was the first one I did. It’s not fighter related but it’s a character form a game I’m starting to put together in Gamemaker.

So after around three weeks stuck in the US/Canadian postal systems my first tee actually turned up. I updated my first post with a pic.
The print is a fair bit smaller than the reference picture, which is annoying, but it’s a pretty good quality print. It even feels like a screened print and the colours are nice and rich as it seems to have a white underprint.

yeeah- gutter trash came out sick- I’m pickin up a black one right now! thanks mayn

Cool, man. Let me know when you get it and what you think. Hopefully the turn-around will be a lot quicker than mine.