WTS: TEfightstands Customs Service and Products :) :tup:



Hey everyone Justin here from TEFightStands.com,
here are some of the services I offer…
Custom Sticks

NEW! 6ft PSX/PS2 to RJ 45 Cables
We now do custom feet!
SE/Brawl, TE, TEFS Size, contact me about custom orders.


Here is a link to our online store



Custom dust washer colors

$2 each
shipping in the continental US is $1.75
free shipping on orders of 10 or more
(bubble envelope and tracking)
Gallery of other designs
We found out today the neon ones
glow like crazy in the black-light!

Steam Punk Gears Dust Washers $3.50 each

Now available in HAPP size $3 each
Jdubs - a Sega Pad / FightStick Hybrid …
Its using a PS360+ and has an RJ45 and DB15 hookups





The Pad can also be taked out and has 3 feet of cable so you can use it stand alone.
Here is a gallery of the stick I made for myself,
want to watch a you tube playlist of my buddy T Hawk and I battling the internet players on PC click here
and some other custom cases i have made.

Some of my other projects
Bad Boy Brazils stand Gallery Link
Chuck’s floor stand Gallery Link$125 for an unfinished one,
$150 for just lacquer single color and $200 for wet sanding single color
(Re)Finishing Projects Galleries :Quanba Red , Satek Cases
Quanba Purple
Need some sticks wired or just a PCB pre wired?


Plus I make stands to hold sticks also

Oh yeah I also make hemp jewelry if you are interested
Bracelets start at $15 necklaces $25,
I can make the clay beads or colorful ones like the dust washers
or use wood beads, let me know if your interested in one.


Craving #SFxT?
24-7 Endless Lobby on #XboxLive and streaming it at
And I also set up a #FrankenXBOX hosting mostly UMVC3 and some other games

thanks for taking a look feel free to
email me: tefightstands@gmail.com
Twitter @ TEFightStands
PM me or
send smoke signals with any questions
and I will try and help you out.


They look very nice. You do good work.

I’m interested, but also new to stick mods; can you get custom colored shaftcovers or whatever they’re called?

Interesting. What are they made of? They have a bit of sparkle, they sort of look like those felt sparkle pencils back in the day! May be interested, i’ll keep in touch.

Thank you =)

Yeah they sell some at focus attack but only a few colors I see http://www.focusattack.com/categories/Joystick-Parts/Joystick/

They are made of an epoxy, and I can make them with or with out the sparkle, but they tend to turn out better with the sparkle.

Sent you a pm for some

Vouching for a great friend and he is a great builder/maker in general.

You stole my business!! haha just messin I haven’t been doing them for a while now and I still have some Carbon fiber ones I owe people

You should edit your first post and add the video there and any other info in there.

haha i wish someone would have bet me some money , I knew you were going to say that… im working on it…

Should I delete my original posts those came from?

Btw how much would cost for you to build that same stick for sale? It’s nice I think people would be interested. If I was you I would describe all the service that you do or willing to do on your first post. You can also include pictures of your past work. But if you do that so you should edit your thread for something that would describe you and your service like
WTS: TEfightstands Customs Service and Products :slight_smile: :tup: Something like that.

well its hard to say what I do cause I will try to make pretty much whatever someone wants me to try and make.
and for pricing it all depends on the project. but say a case like the one I made myself without the controller parts I could do for $175 without art work $200 with this would also come with custom feet and dust washer. Then if they want to get the parts and ship them to me I can put them in also and wire everything.

How much for the floor stand? Couldn’t find the price on your site…

I can do those for $125 for an unfinished one, $150 for just lacquer single color and $200 for wet sanding single color

that’s a hell of a good price considering the size

they can also be made to fit any size stick

You got some good stuff going on for you tefightstands. I wish the best of luck to your business.

Thank you =)

Our first dust washers made it to their new home safely here is a picture…