WTS: Tekken 5 Arcade Stick - $60


-Paypal only - You add 4%
-USPS Priority Shipping Only
-If you’re going to bargain, don’t lowball me…

Contact me via PM, post in this thread, or on AIM (SN = Dr Raw Ned M D)

The ISS tags are for my listing also on solecollector.com
(Listing: http://www.solecollector.com/forums/xbox-360-w-5-games-2-controllers-20gb-hdd-t889660.html#13522636)

Tekken 5 Anniversary Arcade Stick
$60 + shipping and paypal.


5 Xbox 360 Games
$70 + Shipping and Paypal for all 5 Games
Xbox 360 Games In Bundle:
-5 Games
----Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts
----Halo 3
----Call of Duty 4
----Marvel vs. DC Universe

Xbox 360 (Sold on different forum):
-2 Controllers (1 black w/ rechargeable pack)
-20gb HDD

Nintendo DS Bundle:
Taken off ebay and sold for $90


pm sent


will you sell the console without the games or no? sweet avatar btw~


i’m contemplating it ATM. i’ll get back to you later on tonight if i plan on doing that. are there any games that you want in that group? i might part one or two games just with the console.

lol nice avatar as well.


added the nintendo ds bundle yesterday.

i need this stuff gone.


i’m interested in the DS by itself. Let me know if you decide to sell on it’s own.


if this auction flops, i’ll sell the entire package to you for 90. sound good?


will the 360 + controllers till be $180 shipped to 99801?


will this 360 suffer the red ring of death? I’d like to know. Thanks.


i haven’t used it that much, so i dont think so. if youre asking if its RRoD repaired then no it isn’t, i haven’t had one yet.


Hi Majeh, (my post count isn’t high enough to PM you :wonder:)

Is the PS2 Tekken Stick still available?

If so, I am interested. Please confirm price - $60 shipped. Is the paypal fee included or excluded from that price?

Been looking for a reasonably priced stick for my ps2 to play my shmups! =)

-Rapoon (Daniel)


prices were changed because my usps discount expired.



You have it as

“$60 shipped and paypalled”.

I am interested. =)



Shoot me a pm w/ your email & paypal info and we can sort it out for the tekken stick.