WTS: Tekken 5 hori stick (So-Cal) ((SOLD))


Selling my Tekken 5 hori stick. Has quick disconnects and will throw in tekken 5 game and a bunch of extra buttons and a mp3 player just for the hell of it. Asking $80 shipped anywhere in the U.S Msg me here or email me at ektouge88@yahoo.com

Click on pics for a bigger size



That’s a good price considering you’ve got what looks like a JLF, 8 OBSFs 30s and 2 OBSF 24s. Maybe include a bit more info in your description to entice buyers.


im interested


What part of So-Cal? I’m interested.


Id Pick this up if i didn’t just buy a SE From rcaido.

Should Sell Quick, Great Deal.


Please tell me the buttons/joystick is stock Madcatz…

If they’re Sanwa’s I’d be pissed that I’m late on this.


Yeah, exactly what parts are in this thing?


Judging from the third pic in the OP, I think they’re Madcatz SE stock parts.


OP told me they are Hori buttons, im just waiting for his paypal info…


pm sent


great deal

congrats to the purchaser


I dont know what happen to the OP…I was first to call dibs, i pm asking questions & he replied, then i asked for his paypal but haven’t receive reply back from pm/e-mail…Hopefully i didn’t get out bid…:sad: