WTS: Tekken 5 Stick All Sanwa

I’m selling my Tekken 5 stick. I modded it myself, it has Sanwa parts, JLF and snap-in buttons. I filed the tabs and used the stock PCBs. I have the box for it although it is a bit sun faded. It was barely used, mostly just tested to see if it worked. The darker color on the black areas are just water from removing the dust. If you don’t like the 8 button layout, I have two hole plugs I can switch in. I can also make this a 6 button Dark Hai stick too, if you would prefer that color. Asking $100 shipped.


Edit: I also have various parts for sale.

T5 Parts:
24x 30mm Red Buttons
4x 24mm Yellow Buttons

Hori EX2 Parts:
6x 30mm Buttons (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, 2xGray)
Green Balltop

Street Fighter 4 SE Parts:
9x 30mm White Buttons
Stock Joystick (Complete)

2x JLF Harness
Sanwa Octogate
White Balltop
2x Dark Hai Balltop
2x 24mm Sanwa Red Snap-in Buttons
2x 30mm Button Plug


White Button T5 Stick (CMonster1221)
2x 24mm Yellow Buttons (CMonster1221)
3x Stock T5 Joysticks (toshinu)

Hmmm… i may be interested in the stock joysticks… ill send ya a PM

Bump. I forgot to mention the buttons are all QDed and I used either a Sanwa or Seimetsu harness.

may be interested as well. pmed

Cmonster1221, your inbox is full.

KOAB are you getting my PMs? whats up?


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CM, replied. Pijaibros, also replied.

Updated first post with a ton of parts.

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Cmonster1221, sent your joystick out today.


Stick received. Everything seems to be working great as well. Only gripe is the T5 box a small hole came about probably during shipping. Looks like the balltop is the culprit. Strange because there was plenty of bubble wrap and stuff on it.

Pleasure doing business with ya

Got my sticks with no problem :tup: Thanx KOAB! Left ya some feedback :smile: