WTS: Tekken 5 stick (SOLD)and a Happ Ultimate Joystick (on HOLD)


Well I have decided to sell my T5 joystick obviously. The artwork on the stick is a little “used” but the stick performance is perfectly fine. I tested it and works perfect. I also integrated a sanwa octagon gate into the stock hori joystick and I have a sanwa square gate that i will include if you prefer to change it. I am also including a black bat top that does fit the stick. This is great for anyone who mods sticks. I am also selling a happ ultimate joystick that was never used.

The joystick -

The stick with the octagon gate -

Battop -

Happ joystick -



price drop and open to bids


PM sent


whole package on hold for sir_arthur_06


hold lifted. still up for sale =)


PM sent…


Interested in just the Happ joystick. PM if there is a current offer already.


T5 stick on hold for Humcast
PM’s sent


was it finally sold?


it’s still on hold but if the person doesn’t decide to buy i will post asap when available, i promise. i need the money:sweat:


the whole package is still available and bids welcome as well.




stick SOLD to Mikei

everything SOLD

please close thread. thanks.