WTS: Tekken 5 Sticks, AXISDapter, Arcade Stick Case, 2 Sanwa OBSN White *UPDATED*


Hello all -

Last Update: 9/19/09

Items for sale: I prefer Paypal only.

Shipping: Priority Mail or UPS depending on size of the item.

As for trades, I could take some PS3 games, but not really looking for much though. Just let me know what you have :).


Tekken 5 Sticks (Pictures in this ebay link) (I believe 2 buttons on 1 of them can be sticky occasionally) - $50 + shipping each

Brand New SIXAXIS Adapter - $25 shipped

Arcade Stick Case - $50 shipped (Buttons / Joystick not included)

2 Sanwa 30mm OBSN Screw-in buttons - $5 shipped. Slightly used in this arcade stick case.

Messed up QCFGaming Case - $25 shipped

  1. Has 1 hole drilled the plexiglass near joystick.
  2. Slight tear on MDF (Can be covered w/ joint compound)



I can vouch for these guys. Great work and this MDF is ridiculously cheap.


I’ve got one of their cases. If you spackle it and do enough sanding you can make this stuff look pristine. I’d pick this one up, but i already have 4 sanwa/seimitsu sticks, so my next order from them will be for iL case…


How much the Shipping to be for going 92683 Zip Code?

Case seems good price.
I don’t know how spackle, but can try for experience.




Shipping is $9.35.

Spackling is pretty easy, just apply and as smooth as you can and then sand it off later. But on this case, you have to spackle the front and back sides in addition to the bottom edge and the top edges and some really small side edges.

I could mark the spots for you.


Spackling is really easy. What I did was I bought some wood filler, slapped a thin layer on the mdf, let it dry for the recommended time, sanded with 300 grit sandpaper, then you just treat it like normal wood (primer, sand, primer, sand, color coat, wet sand, color coat, wet sand, color coat).


shipping to 06516?




is the $10 case still for sale? or did jdm take it? if he didn’t pm me your paypal


It’s yours ibeatu. :lovin:


thanks :wow: lol


When you try to buy the prototype case, you get an error message


payment sent for that diy case


Haha, thanks for letting me know fwirth!

Yup, DIY case is sold.


Price drop on 2 T5 sticks: $55 + shipping each.

Also still have prototype.


recieved my case feedback left


Feedback left!

Also prototype is now gone.


Updated w/ new stuff.


Price drop.


Price Drop on Tekken 5 sticks and Arcade Stick Case.