Wts: Tekken 6 hrap-ex (360)

used once a year ago. had it on display, or as a backup stick (never needed it). like new.


$90 shipped or best offer.

price drop. $80 shipped.

price drop: $75 shipped.

I dunno i think if people wanted stock hori buttons they’d buy a EX2

EX2’s are smaller, less heavyweight, and don’t have a Sanwa JLF pre-installed, but thanks for looking.

Wait tek6 stick has a JLF? Still 90$ for a JLF is a bit rough.

“shipped” means shipping included in final price, as long as you’re in the lower 48 states, and as posted above, the current price is $75. before shipping, handling, packaging, it’s about $55 for the stick itself, considering that HRAP-EX’s still go for about $100 brand new online.

i’m also accepting offers for it.

Still for sale? thanks.

how many hours of use on it?

this is still for sale. and has less than an hour of use.