WTS: Tekken 6 Stick, Namco PS1, Converters, Arcade Parts, PS3 Games, Gundam Models!

Hey guys, I have a few things for sale. Shipping is included in the price, and I will ONLY ship to the continental U.S., I will also only take PAYPAL as payment. Everything works 100%. I will have the items shipped at most 2 days or so after payment via USPS.

PS3 Round 1 Madcatz Tournament Edition Fight Stick- $80+Shipping:


World of Warcraft stuff:
Blizzcon 2009 Special Edition Blizzard Authenticator- Brand new, never taken out of the box.- $25
Blizzcon 2009 “Grunty” the Murloc Space Marine Pet- $40- Never scratched off, will email/PM the code to you, or I can mail the card to you.

Arcade Stick Related:

PS3 Games (Every game is in 100% working condition, with manual, no scratches, adult owned):

Blazblue Continuum Shift- $37

Dante?s Inferno-$30

Resistance 2 Collector?s Edition-$25- Comes with a Collector?s Edition Concept book and Action Figure (has not been opened). The CE Box it all came in is a little roughed up, some of the cardboard edges are a bit dented and worn.

**Killzone **2- $20

**Dynasty Warriors Gundam **2- $25

Fifa Street 3- $15

LittleBigPlanet- $20

Transformers War for Cybertron- $40

Computer Related:
Dell 2007WFP 20.1" Ultrasharp Widescreen Monitor-$115 (Specs: Dell UltraSharp 2007WFP - 20.1" - widescreen TFT active matrix LCD display w/ USB hub)



Gundam/Robotech Models:
These are a few models that I bought a few years ago, but never even started. These kits are 100% unassembled, and everything is still on the trees. I have taken the trees out of the plastic on most of these, but not one single part has been taken off. These are 10-20% off the normal price sites will sell them for, I just don?t have the time anymore to work on these.

Master Grade Ball Ver KA 1/100 $30

Master Grade Gundam Zeta 1/100 $40

Master Grade RX-178 Gundam Mark II Titans 1/100 $40

Macross Zero SV-51 Nora Type 1/72 Scale $30

1x Sanwa Octagonal Gate
8x Madcatz SE Buttons
1x Madcatz SE Stick (just the stick)
Star Wars the Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition
Namco PS1 Arcade Stick
Tekken 6 Hori Wireless Arcade Stick
Tekken Art Book

pm sent

PM Returned!

Update: I will try and take pictures of everything and have them posted tonight/tomorrow night.

Update: Pictures added, also added a few more items.

pm sent

Box full. I would like the buttons and stick. Hit me up

Woops! I didn’t realize my box was full, it has been cleared.

All PMs have been sent out!

Can you post pictures of the models?

Hey Nefarsus, the models are actually at my parents place, so that’s why I didn’t post pictures. I can guarantee they are complete, all parts are still on the trees, the only thing is the trees have been taken out of the plastic wrap for inspection (i intended on building them a while back).

If you REALLY want pictures I can try and get my folks to take some, but they not great with the computer so I can’t guarantee anything.

Bump- Price Drops!

Bump- More Price Drops, Update to what’s available.

PM me or post if you’re interested in anything, considering trades as well.

Is there any sliver of a chance you’d ship to Canada? Really want to get the sith edition. Please.

Going to try and sell it in the states, if it doesn’t happen I’ll consider shipping to canada. I’m not really sure what’s involved in shipping to Canada.

Alright. How long would you plan to try on selling it in the states? If you don’t plan to, that’s cool.

Sorry, it was sold.

Dropped some prices, last and final drop before I just end up keeping everything :[

Hori T6

I’m interested in the Hori T6 stick. I’ll send you a PM.

Saw your PM, I’ll email you tomorrow in the afternoon. I have an exam so I’ll be very busy until the afternoon. I’ll send some pictures of the stick.

pm sent.