WTS Templates for a Mad Catz TE Arcade Stick


Fresh out of printing i am selling three different Templates designed from Cobra Templates.
these templates are ready to use for any plexi cover madcatz TE Template. i normally charge $20.00 for just the design on the template then direct my clients to arts hobbies for any printing since i do not have the proper printing and laser cutting equipment, witch can come to a total of $32.00 for a completed printed template. But for now i am only charging $25.00 ( +$3.00 for shipping ) ( that dose not include international shipping) All templates are printed on professional grade cardstock from Arts Hobbies
For any ordering information simply leave me PM here on the forums

First up is one on my top sellers the Mussel Man and High Five Ghost My Mom template.
this hands down one of my best selling templates to date, after i introduced this template here on the SRK forums i got order after order for this template.


Anouther one of my better selling desighns is the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Template.


(Note that this one if for a PlayStation version cause of the button labels that where printed on it)

And my third one i have for sale is My Dr Rockso template that has just started to sell.