WTS: Tetris DS/MGS3 Subsistence/Ontamarama


I have these three games for sale here, all in perfect condition and include the actual games, booklets and packaging. I’ve had these for a while and have beaten them so I’m selling them off to someone who would enjoy them as much as I have. =] :rofl:

First: Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence $35.00 Shipped, obo.

Included are the two disc’s Subsistence and Persistence as well as the instruction manual and original packaging.


Second: Tetris DS $30 shipped, obo.

This is also going to include the cartridge, original packaging and the instruction manual/literature that originally came with it. I have an eBay listing for this item so here it is along with a picture I’m posting for this forum.



Finally: Ontamarama $25 shipped, obo.


Just like all of the previous items listed this is also going to come complete and with the original materials and packaging.

I accept PayPal as well as Money Orders and would even do local pick up’s if you’re in the area. Feel free to email me or IM me with any and all questions! :karate:

Thanks for taking a look at my items and I hope to be sending these great games out soon. =]

Bump. :rock:


hey dude could you put that MGS3 on hold for me i’ll pm you later?


I have MGS3 saved for BrokenHalo. If that falls through you’re next in line DH020. :wgrin:

no probs dont need it no more thanks