WTS: The Pad Hacker Swap Meet Sale


Ok guys & gals, I have been cleaning out the store and decided to see if anyone is looking for some game pad boards, cables, or just parts to fix there old controllers.

I would set prices for each unit, but as you can see there are way to many controllers to really do that for each pad.

I was thinking like 2 for $5 on all wired controllers Xbox, PS2, PS1, Gamecube, NES, SNES, Genesis

Wireless unit are $10


Shipping will depend on what and how many you order.

Looks like anywhere between $5 and $10 unless you order a lot.

PayPal is the best on that. But I could except money orders, but it will take longer to process deal.


But yeah this is all damaged in some way goods. Most of it is things like…

“button(s) on the controller is dead”

“Cable is damaged”

“Shell on controller is cracked or damaged”

but as far as I know I have no DOA’s. (If you are really concerned i can at least test controller to make sure its not DOA on a order by order basis)

Ok Here is what I got…


Sega Misc

Nintendo Misc

PSX and Some PS2 off brand Misc

Sony PS2 DS

If there is something your looking for that you don’t see in the pics just let me know and I will see if we have one somewhere. I have 4 more store that I could call and see if they have a broken one laying around, or at least for sale and I could tell you what the price is for the working one.

If no one is interested in this stuff that’s kool. I just thought I check to see if anyone here could use it. and try to recover a few bucks back for my store.


Does no one need this stuff or are the prices to high?

I don’t really know what these would be worth to you guys.

I would take any fair offer.

And if you guys just want cables or something I could send that stranded mail so that would be cheaper.

hit me up…