WTS Tiger Maple Custom Case

Selling my custom tiger maple case that I purchased from another user here on srk. Got very little use as I never got use to the weight of the stick after using the VLX for so long. Comes with plexi for top and bottom. There is a crack on the bottom plexi but the rubber feet covers it. Everything else is in great condition. 8 button vewlix layout with 3 24mm holes on the top of the case as well as a mount for neutrik.

Looking for $80 shipped. Local pickup is possible as well. I live in San Jose, CA.





Bump price dropped.

what kind of stick does it take?

It can take japanese and Korean for sure… I have the exact sane case but 6 button layout…I believe that is a MKPCustomes case…

Exactly as slaycruz said, it can take japanese sitcks such as the sanwa JLF and seimitsu l-32 and also korean sticks as well.

i’m asking because someone else was selling one just like this one and he said it only took korean sticks.