WTS: TMO Custom 360 Stick


It’s a beauty… this will be snatched up fast, for sure.

Dude, that is sick! If my wallet was as big as my eyes, I’d snap that stick up in a heartbeat.

I want it. PM sent

By the way, why are there 2 screws on the top panel now? They weren’t there when it was created…

I was the original owner and requested it from Tim after purchasing.

I was dead set on using the dark hai snap ins. As you can see they match perfectly and snap ins don’t really hold down the plexi to the wood, so I wanted to make sure there would be some type of grip on the plexi. The screw is completely flush and countersunk if you wanted to know.

It’s a great one of a kind stick. Really liked it, as did anyone that saw it in person.

Was it originally a 360 stick? Has anything been changed on it since then?

Yeah it’s always been a 360 stick.

It was wired by me and the pad was soldered/hacked by a guy named hozie. Nothing has been changed except the mesh ball as far as I can tell. It was in pristine condition when I last saw it.

I’ll let knubbe handle the rest of the questions, but I couldn’t resist talking about it :lol:

Thanks for the info. I love this stick.

Beautiful! If I didn’t have a custom already in the works I’d snatch this right up!

nice stick… but i got a question… what size is that balltop?

regular size (35mm). mesh tops only came in that size I think

knubbe is the stick sold yet?
if not then please PM me. do you have any pictures of the inside? and any dents scratches etc…?
very nice job btw gl0ry. i like your style :slight_smile: