WTS: TONS (I really mean TONS) of joystick parts (sanwa/seimitsu) (old stock from modchipman.com)


Guys,… most of you remember me from modchipman.com… we used to sell tons of joystick parts and at some point we did close down shop… I do happen to have a TON of joystick parts left… the list isn’t very accurate but as a general idea, I have those very nice bubble tops and buttons from Seimitsu… I also have all sorts of the skeleton buttons from Seimitsu as well (30 and 24mm I believe)… as well as the Sanwa 30/24mm buttons… most colors… I’m really just wanting to clean out my leftover stock and I’m in the Chicagoland area… if you’re in the area, feel free to contact me for details… if you’re not in the area I am very happy to offer you shipping but of course you would pay for the shipping. Depending on how much you’d want to buy, I’d use USPS or UPS (ground for larger, heavier boxes).

I have a few JLF sticks and various CTHLUHU boards (multi-console pcbs) both assembled and non assembled… if there’s any interest I can take pictures of the stuff and add to the thread… just let me know…

as much as I’d like to say I check this forum often, I would prefer you to contact me directly if you have any detailed questions… most likely I have the sanwa/seimitsu part you’re wanting… and I can get it to you cheap…

ONCE AGAIN… I’m wanting to offload most of this as a bulk order… so if you’re willing to buy a lot I’ll definitely work out a good price (prices you’re not going to get ANYWHERE else… believe me)… I’m in it to clean out the inventory :slight_smile:

get a hold of me at admin at kfree.org

thanks a bunch guys… hope everyone is well… GO SRK!


Interested. Email sent.



Thanks Kfree!


I’ve been getting tons of emails on this and so I put a bit more effort into showing/listing what I have in stock… I’ve written it all down and will transcribe it in a bit to the forums… but here’s a bunch of pictures… I do have a few Seimistu sticks… not sure what is what on those… LS-32-01 or -02… here’s the pics


I also have a ton of dust covers, button hole covers, wire harnesses for jlf (pretty sure it’s jlf),


Just to reiterate… I’m wanting to offload as much of this as possible onto 1-few sellers… if you’re wanting smaller amounts, I’m not going to really be able to do much of an awesome deal (still will be better than any retail shop you’re looking at in the states)… just keep that in mind…

I have a few random SANWA K/color sets too… the black rings w/ color buttons… really cool for the right stick…

prices … if you want to just know prices for a few buttons… consider them maybe $.50-1 less than retail… shipping to the USA w/ usps priority is like $5-7 depending on the box size, usually…

hope this answers most of the questions I’ve received in emails :slight_smile:


pm sent


preliminary #'s of stock

SANWA OBSN-24 (screw-in)

blue - 6 (1 doesn’t have a screw ring but I’m sure I can find one)
red - 30
green - 10
yellow -5

(retail value for obsn24 is roughly $2/button, total value here is $102)


pink -23
green - 71

(retail value obsn-30 is around $2/button, total value of $188)


k/pink -14
k/dark blue - 5
k/violent -14
(black/color buttons retail for around $3/button, total value of $100 or so)

dark blue - 12
white - 16
orange - 17
(obsf-30 retail is $2, total value here is $180)


green - 80
blue - 102
white - 1
orange - 3
yellow - 3
violet - 25
dark blue - 35

(retail value of $500 or so)

LB-35 (ball tops)
white - 24
red - 56
black - 26
violet - 7
dark blue - 2
vermillion - 5
white carbon fiber - 3
black carbon fiber - 3
yellow - 22
blue - 24
grey - 2
green - 7
pink - 1

(retail value of around $510)

LB-35-N (bat tops)
blue and white are available in 10+ quantities… I also have their adapters available

Roughly 30-40 of these in stock, retail value of $150-200

(plenty is a number between 10-30)

dust covers - plenty
wire harness for JLF sticks - plenty
button hole covers - plenty
jlf PLATES - 10-15
joystick quick connects - 1000’s


LB-39 bubble tops
clear - 40
pink - 43
orange - 7
green - 3
yellow -14
red - 2
purple - 3

bubble tops retail value is around $420 for the lot

I also have some ball tops that I’m not sure if they’re seimitsu or not (colors are a bit close)… just 1 each of all the colors available

I also have PS-14-KN … roughly 5-10 per color, most colors outside of CLEAR…

this is a rough estimate of what I have… along with like probably 5-7 LS-32-01’s… and one LS-40

I’ve estimated some of the retail values up top… and if someone were to take the entire LOT of things… the retail value would be easily a few hundred bucks over $2200 (I didn’t estimate the costs for the accessories at all, nor the joysticks or the skeleton buttons.

If someone is interested in the ENTIRE LOT… I’m talking EVERYTHING… some stuff isn’t even mentioned here… I’d take $2000 for everything… all in good condition… been sitting in boxes for 5+ years… that includes all the buttons, parts, accessories that I’ve listed here… along with probably more than what I’ve listed… shipped to you (USA shipping I’m including)…

you’re getting probably $3000 (retail) worth of stuff for $2000 shipped… or best offer … would prefer to ship it all to one person so they can enjoy/resell/eat/drink/cry whatever…

I also have 1 SF4 TE stick and 1 SF4 SE stick… both in great shape… been sitting in a bag for a long long time… I’ll throw those in for the person buying the entire lot…

I’m assuring you that this value is pretty good, you’re saving quite a few dollars if you’re wanting to make some sticks for friends, resell, etc… I can’t assure that every button is spotless but like I said, they’ve been sitting in their respective boxes (outside of some buttons that were just sitting in a box, I didn’t even include them in this # count so I’m throwing them in for free)… it’s a FINAL SALE, CLEARANCE type of deal… take it all … and be happy with what you’re getting… no returns, etc… all stock from Sanwa directly and Seimitsu through a Japanese reseller that we used for plenty of years… great people… and sold directly from Seimitsu… I’m sure people can vouche for me as we sold these for years on modchipman.com

Good luck!


still got some stuff left, if someone wants the entire lot, let me know… will discount heavily… it’s all high quality parts from sanwa/happ/suko/seimitsu … might be a good way to start a business by buying all this stock at a cheaper than wholesale rate :slight_smile:


So tempted. Gf would kill me.


gf doesn’t need to know!.. I’ll give a great hefty discount to the rest of what I have… it’s over $3k worth easily…


Sent PM


all my obsf/n-30s and obsf/n-24s plus 25 jlf plates, 6 ls-32s and 1 ls-32-01, all my bat tops (roughly 50 each of blue and white) plus whatever is left of my seimitsu stuff (bunch of kn clear buttons) for $1400 shipped (that’s like 300 or so of each 24mm and 30mm) …

for $1650 I’ll toss in all the bubble tops I have… which is around 100…

just trying to get it all out soon so I can clean out the garage :slight_smile: hopefully it goes to someone who can benefit from a lot of butons


Can you sell a single Assembled MC CTHLUHU board??


time to venture business partenship


I’m guessing you only want to sell in large quantities?