WTS: toodles spark optical pcb and black madcatz TE bezel


Selling a barely used spark optical sensor pcb from toodles for the sanwa jlf. Makes your jlf silent and is really accurate. Asking for $30 shipped.

Selling a black madcatz te bezel brand new $17 shipped.<a href=“http://s1033.photobucket.com/user/nismojohnny/media/20130415_085906_zpseea7249c.jpg.html” target="_blank"><img src=“http://i1033.photobucket.com/albums/a418/nismojohnny/20130415_085906_zpseea7249c.jpg” border=“0” alt=" photo 20130415_085906_zpseea7249c.jpg"/></a>


FUUUUUUUUUUU why didn’t you come out of the blue sooner!? I just bought a new Hori VX SA and going to duel mod it and this pops out. FML. Good luck with the sale… ;_;


Blahhhh don’t tell me this is sold! I wanted one of these!!!


Added new item.


Hey everyone, just posted a few new items for sale.


had you posted the qanba about 2 weeks ago I would’ve picked it up in a heart beat…I still think u should keep the voltech case…its definitely worth it…and one u start getting back into games…which u probably will, u will have a solid stick…believe me had I have the money, I would pick this up with the swiftness.


I’ll be on that look out for that Voltech case once pictures are up.


Hey guys just posted a few pictures of the voltech. Should have more soon.


No you’re actually the first to show interest in it. I don’t mind putting it on hold for you until you have sufficient funds. I’ll need to look for a cheaper shipping option lol. Last time was too ridiculous.


It’s fine I don’t need a deposit. I’ll hold it for you until you have the full amount. Parcel post sounds good, just need to find a big enough box >.>


Added a set of sanwa buttons and ball top for sale.


Qanba has been sold.




Friendly bump for a fantastic seller :slight_smile:


Sending payment for the 6x white buttons and 1x balltop. Thanks!


Added evo fightstick pro for xbox 360.


nice… post some pics… =)


Added new items for my friend. Will get pics up when I can.


Interested in onyx…


Yea its a nice stick that is out of production now. Very comfortable with a lot of wrist room and looks very sleek and minimal. I’ll get pics up soon for you bro :slight_smile: