WTS/trade: Apple wireless mouse/keyboard+gaming items

Yea, these are taking up space in my room and while I have plenty of space, it’s time to get rid of them…so I have for sell: (Paypal is accepted as well)

Apple Wireless Pro Keyboard: $30-35 shipped
Apple Mighty Mouse $40-45 shipped
Pelican PS2/PS3 converter: SOLD
Tekken 5 Anniversary Hori Stick (Good condition…has a few stickers on that I can remove. Still has the box and even the Tekken DVD box): (SOLD)

If I can get pictures up, I will try. My digital camera is not being agreeable at the moment. All of this stuff comes from a non smoking home and will be cleaned before shipping. Any other questions, just ask.

Accepted trades: DS3 controller or old lego sets (lol, no I’m serious)

Ill take the stick

pm sent.

edit: damnit vampiro i hate you :stuck_out_tongue: