WTS Transformers Xbox 360 arcade stick - SOLD


Transformers theme Xbox 360 arcade stick:


Buttons - Seimitsu PS-14KN "White"
Stick - Sanwa JLFTP8Y


Lights up:

LShoulder, RShoulder,
Start, Guide,
Up, Down, Left Right

Led on/off switch (Chrome), Start/Guide/Back on side (tactile switches via stainless steel button heads).




Had an original idea, thought i’d put a genuine comic cover on top, added an all-chromium card too. Matches the theme I think. Used 3-prong led’s for alternate button press, looks redish in the vid and pic, but it’s actually more yellow/orange irl. Had to use a default jlf shaft as I still can’t find the shorter one I had stored. Attached tactile switches to the stainless steel button head screws (Start/Home/Back) - came out really well I think. at first I thought it would turn out looking tacky heh, but you hardly notice them as they blend in well with the color scheme.

Custom chrome ball top. Chrome led on/off switch. Painted Washer to match.

Some stress lines around the two screws, but nothing to worry about, apart from that it’s all ok. You can open the case quite easily, simply flip the lever - which means I don’t reccomend leaving it around kids who can poke around inside and touch the pcb etc. Serious buyers only, i’m located in London UK.

$195 including shipping to USA.
$180 to europe/UK

i was thinking of grabbing that, but i just realized this is the end of the month and i have not paid my mortgage yet.

i wish i could be grabbing that- very cool looking. nice work on that.

If he flakes, I’m next in line.

pm sent

Wow that is one amazing stick, I’m sure you wont have any problems selling that masterpiece.

If I only had an xbox. Wow, that is f’ing gorgeous.

What kind of ball top is that? That’s awesome!


Looks like you used a Poker chip set for the case.

Nice stick btw.

thx, amebix it’s a chrome design ball with a threaded insert screwed in and then screwed ontop of the jlf.

that looks absolutely awesome…how did you secure the joystick to the case? and what buttons are you using for start/select?

make a Optimus Prime version! :lovin:

I am interested, why are you getting rid of it? How heavy is it?


That, or one of those “Pro Gamer” cases. Pretty good idea really.

will pm asap - hopes to be soon if earlier dudes don’t want it

dang my post count is pretty low


VERY interested in your stick - I’m in Canada though but I don’t mind paying the shipping costs.

email me at ryanasingh@rogers.com if its still for sale or if the buyers drop off

Thanks for considering me!


I just PMed you–if this hasn’t been bought yet, I can Paypal you as soon as today.

Right, I can also paypal today as well

Nice looking stick

Props on that. Just saw the youtube video. Sickest ive seen.