Wts: tri mod pc/360/ps3 ssfiv r2 arcade stick(pics inside) wtb: custom arcade stick parts


The aesthic damage is bad at all. It has a sodder mark and a small piece of plastic chipped off on the headset jack(The photo is just ultra highres and zoomed in so you can see exactly what your getting. Headsets still work great in it( it just doesn’t make that snap sound). This stuck hasn’t not been used alot probaly 15+ hours mostly do to the fact that I am the worst mvc3 player ever.

Everything on this stick works great.

they no longer make the pcb model that i used in that stick
but this one is very similar, only difference is instead of soldering the 4 wires on the USB to the PCB, you can just screw them down now
as for my method of modding it

Price for the stick is 165 shipped.

WTB: 8x Sanwa Buttons 30MM and 24MM Sanwa Buttons(switches included).

I also want to buy any type of wiring thats needed to make a custom arcade stick. Can some 1 also tell me details about adding in a custom headset jack.