WTS - Triple Modded (PSX/PS3/360) PSX Namco Stick

Please allow me up to one week to ship out. I am very busy as of late and don’t have time to go to the post office every day.

Paypal Only!

Please Attach Address to your payment or send your address to me over SRK due to the fact the Gift Option hides the sender’s address.


Triple Modded (PSX/PS3/360) PSX Namco
Stock Parts, All buttons in working condition Cthulhu Mod, Simple Plug in and Play. Modded by NetworkingPuppy
$125 including shipping

I don’t think you can require people to use paypal’s gift option. NEW Up to Date Rules: Updated April 18th 2011

Instead of trying to make an issue out of it, why don’t you just PM the person selling the stick? i’m sure they’d understand.
Most people sell via gift on SRK anyways. But if people aren’t comfortable with it I’m sure they’d do just a normal transaction.

Can’t gift payment, but oh look! I dual modded this. :stuck_out_tongue:

It says right in that post that “***the gift option will only be used if both parties agree (both seller and buyer).” ***So if a buyer agrees with my terms I’m not breaking any rules. Worse comes to worst the buyer doesn’t have to select the gift option.

Unless, its both agreed.

How on earth did you interpret my post as “trying to make an issue out of it”?

Since when? Ragnorok didn’t “make an issue of it” He is just stating the rules so it doesn’t happen again. Now that is a most on SRK. BTW these are great prices. especially on the SA.

It came off as insanely brash to me and like some kid wagging their finger saying "You can’t do that!"
But it obviously wasn’t meant to be that way so apologies.

And yeah, the prices on SRK are always pretty good.

I’m considering the HRAP. I’ll get back to you on it.

I’ll report back tomorrow. You can switch out the white insert (don’t know if that’s the right word) to a different design right?

Yes you can customize the top panel.

Sent you a PM (conversation)

Updated the thread. The triple modded stick is still up for grabs.


^ Thank you! :tup:

bump for price reduction. I know SOMEONE wants it!

can i use this on a ps2?

IT’s a Cthulhu, so yes.

You can use Namco PSX sticks on PS2’s with no issue. So, yes. the cthulhu lets you play on PS3 and 360.