WTS: Triumvir SF shirts *Edit* Price Drop


I have 2XL Black Fei-Long, XL Black Akuma, and a 2XL White Sagat for sale…All 3 shirts have never been opened and are still in the original packaging. I am asking for $45 shipped for each of them within the US. Paypal only.
EDIT I can also arrange for pickup at EVO if you are attending and will knock $7 off the price to $38 a shirt. Also If you buy more then 1 shirt I will combine the shipping and knock $5 off the price of each shirt making them $40 a shirt.
EDITPrice dropped to $41 shipped or $34 if picked up at EVO.

XL Black Akuma-SOLD
2XL White Sagat-Avaliable
2XL Black Fei-Avaliable


Interested in a trade? i would love to have a sagat or akuma shirt but kinda low on funds atm.

Also you have two extra large? or double XL?


The Akuma is in Extra Large and the Sagat and Fei is in Double Extra Large. Depends on what you have to trade, also since I doubt these shirts will sell that fast so I could hold on to them if you want.


Edited main post.


Any videogames that your looking for that you might be interested in a trade? I have quite a few or could find it if you would be willing to bring the shirt to evo. Im interested in the akuma one.


Saints Row 2, Fallout 3, and Blazblue are the only games that come to mind. Will also trade for Microsoft points, an Imp board, or Sanwa OBSF-30’s.


For what system? ill see if i can get ahold of those games. If i cant get ahold of them ill see if i can come up with the money to give you at evo.



Yo i was able to get my hands on a 1600 points card for xbox360. anything else you want :p?


Hey Dios I sent you a PM.




Bump, Price Drop.


Last bump before I decide to close the thread.