WTS: Turtle Beach Headset/Hardened Edition MW2


I have a turtle beach headset…the ear force X4. Works perfectly, except for the voice chat, which you can buy a replacement piece for like $10. Even thought that piece doesn’t work I still have it plugged in, so it comes with everything. They go for about $150-$180 new, so I’d be willing to sell these for about…$100. These things are wireless, and are Godlike when it comes to shooters, especially COD.

Or just for any game that you wanna get immersed in. They’re amazing, but I could use the money more than them, to be honest.

Pics available on request. Again, price is $90 shipped. I hate to sell them, but I really need the money to try and afford to make it out to the 3, yes, THREE trips out to Columbus Ohio in the next few months.

Would prefer to sell these ASAP.

Here’s a quick pic: http://i324.photobucket.com/albums/k348/ParagonGFX/DSC_0024.jpg

Modern Warfare 2 for PS3, Hardened edition, near mint condition. Want to swap for a Hardened edition for 360, if anybody has it. Or even a normal edition with a few bucks extra since mine is the Hardened edition.



It’d be best to just post the pictures right now.


I’ll get some up in a bit.


COD is hardcore, yeh.


Updated with some pics. More available on request. Also added MW2 Hardened Edition for PS3 up for trade, 360 version ONLY is what I’m looking for.


Bump. Lowered the Turtle Beach Headset to $90 shipped. C’mon people, that’s half price from retail.