WTS: TVC and wii free loader

ive got tatsunoko vs capcom sealed and a wii free loader for sale lookin for 70 shipped

Are you checking for interest or selling this?

im selling

put WTS in your thread title

Will this work on the latest firmware? Their site says not after version 3.2

title changed.

thank you

The Freeloader won’t work when your Wii is on 3.3 or higher, but there are others ways to play imports (or to downgrade your Wii for that matter), but I guess this isn’t the place to discuss such things.

i got lazy and just wrote change title, my bad. i forgot to fix it

bump price drop


bump price drop 65 shipped

if it’s brand new never open I’ll buy it right now. Pm me ur paypal address.

items sold plz close