WTS Two PS4/PS3 Hori VLX Kuro (SoCal)

Both are unopened and were shipped in an extra box to preserve the original. I wanted to keep them and use them for my home setup but right now it’s not a good idea for me financially.

Would prefer to sell these asap and also willing to ship them.

$290 each (shipping extra)

Pick up is in Burbank, CA.

$275 each

Photos bruh


sorry for the mixup in the first post I thought I mentioned they were unopened in their original shipping box must have forgot to mention that

so here’s what a vlx for ps4/ps3 looks like just in case you were interested in it but didn’t know what it was or what it looked like

I’m interested if you’re willing to ship to Canada. Check your messages for my info, thanks!

wow so these work on ps4? im in socal and interested . can u use for sf v beta?

Yeah, they’ll work for PS3 and PS4

Interested, pick up is cool right?

Pick up is fine but like I mentioned before I will not be breaking the seal on the box to take pictures of the stick. It has never been opened, it is still in brand new condition from hori.

275 i can pick up this weekend?

Sorry I have shipped both of the brand new ones but I have a slightly used one that I got from a friend. It has probably only seen a couple hours of use as he wasn’t a big fighting game player. No damage, looks brand new. I’m going to have to get rid of this as well and I’d be willing to do $260 for that.

Pictures plz