WTS: two sticks and tons of parts

i have two anniversary edition sticks both with happ bottons one stick has a happ stick and the other has a sanwa stick. have a bag of 23 swtiches and some old bottons. one stick needs to be rewired and other need a new switch on med kick. almost forgot one works for xbox and the 360 and PC i guess with USB. I live in vegas. make a fiar offer and its all yours. email at colunga702@gmail.com for more info and pics

im looking for a good stick…can you put up pics of them…and are you interested in trades…I have alot on here right now im looking to trade for a nice Hori Harp http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=165298&highlight=trade

Yeah, you’re supposed to list the selling price.

you have 24 hours to set a selling price or thread gets closed.