WTS: Ugly Hacked Wireless XBOX360 Pad (Non-CG) + (CHEAP) Travel Stick Carcass

Wireless Xbox360 Pad, from old version microsoft controller, wired up for a stick.
So I built about 3 joysticks with this same pad over and over, and it’s pretty beat. It’s certainly ugg-lee, but it still works 100%. This is a non-common ground pad. Ready to drop into a new joystick project.

X, Y, A, B, LB, RB, Start, Guide, Up, Down, Left, Right, and associated grounds are all wired up.

It could do with a resistor for the trigger buttons. Not really sure what it’s worth. It takes forever to hack this pad, so lets start with… [S]$40.00[/S][S] $35.00[/S] [S] $30.00 [/S] ** $25.00**

[S]I also have my travel stick box up for sale. It’s teeny tiny, and drilled for a JLF and 30mm sanwas.[/S]
[S]I was using the screw-ins without the backs on them… 30$[/S]
[S]11.5" x 6.75" x 2"[/S] SOLD!

If you have the case by next monday. Im really interested.

[S]What the carcass actually looks like if you stick parts on it…[/S]

The stick carcass is SOLD!

Dropped prices again…

everybody limbo!

What is the resistor for on the triggers? Would i need it in the long run? And is it 25 shipped?