WTS: Unfinished Happ Stick Case

Well… i started to build a stick for happ parts out of white oak but i cant finish it. it needs a top panel and plexi. i will include supports for the top panel but they will not be glued in place.(its better to do that once you have the top panel)

it has 3 holes drilled in the back for start back and guide and it has a cord notch. i have sanded it but its not finished, it will need some work.

Price: $70USD+shipping (this is negotiable)

dimensions: 13"x9"x4"
case is built using rabit joints.

pictures will be up later(cant take them because i dont have the case with me)

Interested depending on how it looks, maybe I can trade for modding your friends stick?

it looks fairly cool. has a very nice grain to it.

and no trading for modding my friends case. he can pay you for that :rofl:

or he can give me 70 and i can give u the case.

Very interested. I can buy it off you too w/o you going through shipping since I live in fremont.

that would work too. im going to be able to take pics on monday. i will try to get them up.

Sure, I’ll wait around till then. Thanks James.

some more info on the stick.

the supports are cut to 3" so you can use 1/4 plexi on top 1/4 plexi on the bottom and a 1/2" board for the top panel. you can of course do what ever combo you want but i would recommend using these.

the cord notch may be to small. i can get a usb cord threw it but i dont know if you can get the bottom panel on along with the cord. its like a 3/4" long notch.

one of the buttons holes on the back are drilled roughly 1mm off of where it should be, its a little higher than the others.

if you have any questions about the case i can answer them fairly quickly.

looks like my name will have to be taken off the number two spot on the dibs list. My original deal for my friend’s ps2 Koi stick went through after all.

Hope the case goes to a good buyer.

I might be interested as well depending on the pictures. I’ll check back

only 3 of the pics turned out to be of any use… stupid cell phone… pics will be up in 5 or so.

Edit: 2 pics… then…

the cord slot needs to be sanded and made to look better…

price drop to 60$ because it req way more work than i thought…

if this wasn’t happ ready, I might consider it.

thanks mindz.

i also am willing to trade this beast.
-a empty T5 or hrap case.
-random 360 games.

  • more random stuff. post up!

55$ +shipping or trades

im interested in lots of random stuff so if u have anything u want to trade for this case i might consider.


i will consider trades that have anything to do with arcade sticks or fighting games…

sigh… this thing isnt ever going to get finished.

well… uh another bump…