WTS Unfinished Korean Stick $35, Fighter's Megamix $15, misc

I’m selling an unfinished Korean stick i’ve put off for a year or two now. It’s mdf wood glued with a light coat of latex. Not the best cutting, but i have to work with hand tools indoors. Anyone with proper tools and space could fix this up in an hour, and anyone else could use it as a trial case or take some time filing a few rough edges/learning how to sanwa mod a wood case. All holes are cut except for the cord space in the back. The plexi still has it’s plastic cover and is cut for 4 small machine screws in the corners with countersunk holes. Inner base is routed to seat korean sticks with flat top bolts from the top under the plexi thru countersunk holes. Button holes are filed to allow sanwa/seimitsu snapins or happ screw ins. I couldn’t find any metric bits locally, so the two rear holes are 25mm. You’d have to wrap a layer of tape around some 24mm buttons to fit snugly (or hot glue). I’m including 6 green buttons from a couple Saturn Virtua Sticks i’ve modded, and a couple used Korean sticks I never got to mess with. The shafts are not swappable with each other unfortunately so the orange top belongs to the switch stick and the green top belongs to the leaf switch one. FYI to the rookies this is not easily sanwa/seimitsu moddable without some woodworking skills. Everything pictured is for $35 shipped within the continental US thru paypal only.







and old stuff still available…

Fighter’s Megamix US - disc only $15 shipped



Contra Shattered Soldier - game, manual, case - $12 shipped


SNES extension cable - $7 shipped or trade for a psx one. New condition.


Saturn (discs only):

Fighting Vipers
Virtua Cop
VF Remix
Daytona USA
Crusader NR

I’ll sell all these together for $20 shipped.

Virtual On $10 sold
Darkstalkers 2 sold
Panzer Dragoon 2 $10 sold

SOLD Resident Evil 5 360 - like new. don’t have any friends to control the partner, and LIVE kids are dumb. $50 shipped SOLD

SOLD SF4 for 360 and Chun Li Fightpad. Like-new condition. Opened chun to look at her pcb, but did not want. Used a few times to test it. Not bad for a pad. $75 shipped for the pair.

SOLD For sale, BlazBlue LE. $45 shipped to the continental US via paypal. It was fun, but time to make room for MAHVEL SON! SOLD

SOLD *I also have two hori shells i never got around to doing anything with. One’s an ex2 painted black, the other is from a red japanese vf4. They both have the inner mounting area filed down pretty heavily. I got em cheap and missing parts.

The black one has a pretty good paint job, just a couple minor blemishes underneath. It comes with the top and bottom plates. Have all the top screws but only 3 of the bottom ones. The nubs on the button holes were pried in rather than filed. $18 shipped.

The red one has no top plate but a partially cut plexi i put a little crack in the corner of. The case has a few rough spots where i sanded down larger blemishes. This case comes with no screws or buttons. $12 shipped.

Please note that these are fixer uppers and not really for the casual modder hence the price. I’m willing to do $25 shipped for both. Also willing to put a psx extension cord towards $7 of it, and also looking for any kind of working saturn pad and a 4mb ram/action replay cart. * SOLD

SOLD*KOF12 for 360- Like new. Has a small scratch on the disc that does not affect play or load times. Good game, but I could use the money. Shame i won’t get to see it play patched, but if you’ve been on the fence about trying it here it is cheap. $40 shipped to the US. Willing to trade for a couple Live cards, or sf4 360. * SOLD

bump for re5

PM sent.

Did Counterhit get RE5? I’ll take dibs on it if not.

nah he wanted the ipod. shall i pm ya my paypal? (i saw your pm policy in the other thread) :slight_smile:

Haha. PMs are fine. Payment sent.

I hope nobody has the money for the ipod cuz I want it but can’t get the money until next week.

bump for games

PM Sent

replied and sold! thanks sir

I want the 3rd strike if your first deal falls through

koo, i’m selling to a local on saturday so i’ll pm you then if it falls thru.

It won’t… Sorry Truckasaurus :lol:

PMed about a slew of PC games. I’ve been looking for some of this stuff for quite a while.

Jose, bring that KoF dream match DC this Saturday.

I’ll take Vay – I sold my original in high school, but I still have a poster of the badass cover art in my basement. I might need Virtua Cop 1, lemme test my old copy to see if it’s FUBAR

Jose won’t mind I’m sure if I say I have another copy of Res Evil 5 for 360 I’m selling if people want one still: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=177024

koo i’ll bring it. now you’ll have 2 posters for it :slight_smile:

pendings are cleared. added new bulk deal and price for manual-less ones. still gotta work on listing the no-manuals.

bump for sf4

sf4 is $40 new at best buy.