WTS: Unused Semitsu(30mm) and sanwa buttons(24 mm)

i have some buttons laying around that i never used. I ordered them to do a swap on my jap t5 case but i never got around to it and lost interest. I have:

8 Semitsu PS-14-KN red buttons all brand new and never used. just mounted to see how they look never actually hooked up. **$22+shipping.

2 white sanwa OBSF (24mm) ordered on the same project. never used. $4+shipping

I also have a red bat top that i am willing to part with that includes adapter. $5 shipped


if someone is interested in a t5 pcb please let me know i have one and it is in great condition…will include ps2 harness.

pics upon request.


PM sent

PM’ed a while ago =P (9:16 am est)

I want to buy the 8 semitsu and 2 sanwa buttons please. (would of sent a pm, but i dont meet the post req for pm’s u.u)

If no one else buys them, hit me up and i’ll take the 8 red seis.

PM’d. Just want some pics, money ready :smiley:

are the white OBSF’s the ones that are recommended to mod your SE Fightstick with?

how about your jap t5 stick? Selling it?



Are the OBSF-24 still available? Would you ship to Canada?