WTS: Used 360 titles: GOW1, OrangeBox, Lost Odyssey, SC4, Bioshock, etc

got a few xb360 games i want to get rid of. All games are in excellent condition. all with case and instructions. Some even still have all the inserts. all games priced as such, or best offer

gears of war: $17
Lost Odyssey: $17
The Orange Box: $15 - on hold for luckyDay
Bioshock: $20
Ridge Racer 6: $7
Condemned: $8
Soul Calibur 4: $30
Rainbow Six Vegas: $12

paypal, US only. all titles are $5shipping. Of course, if you buy more than one, shipping becomes cheaper since i can ship it all in a single box. I ship Via USPS. also keep in mind, i tend to work when the post office is open. So I am limited on when i can go during the week. But I do try to get it out ASAP

PM if interested

Edit: burnout is sold. ADDED Rainbow Six: Vegas

I do not have the money now but in a week I’ll be happy to take Burnout Paradise off your hands if you still got it.

sc4 is no longer on hold, first come first serve on it

Burnout is sold

Rainbow Six Vegas is added

Burnout came in today and was in better than mint condition. I also got a free copy of EGM in the form of about 40 loose pages :tup:

rofl, good stuff sir. yeah figure you could enjoy random reading!

please leave feedback here if you can:


thanks again!

lowered prices

Too bad the orange box is on hold… did u sell it? if not shoot me an email