WTS: Used Black 30Gig iPod (story inside!)


I took this iPod as collateral for a $100.00 money match when the guy who I beat didn’t have the money to pay…

He has 5 days to pay the remaining $75.00 he owes me or this iPod’s mine.

eBay link is subject to be taken down if the guy pays his debt on time.


If you want, you could read exactly how this ordeal began (starts at post #1737): http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=171475&page=70

No reserve, auction starting at $0.01.

Shipping within USA and Canada $6.00

Own a piece of shoryuken.com lol’orabilia!



Alright! I’m the highest bidder!


new high bidder, i can use that for a xmas gift bahaha


He gave you his heath card? :wtf:

I am surprised peeps have not neg rep the bejesus out of him…

I love this quote:

It should read something like “We are playing for $100 if I win… If you win you get $25.00, my health care card, my 30 GB iPod with a bunch of craptastic music, an IOU that I will never pay, a fair chunk of my dignity, and whatever you can get for all that on eBay”



Keep this thread about the sale. If you want to post a bunch of smiley faces because you find this funny, do it in the GD thread. Next one to spam with just “lols” or some shit gets infracted.


I don’t know if I want to laugh at this ridiculousness or feel sad for the guy who lost the money match.

This is weird to the 3rd degree.


Guy’s fault for talking shit and not even bringing the money. Deserves the “lol”. Anyway, what songs does that iPod have?


Thanks for the interest all but the dude paid me the money he owed today so I gave him back his iPod and Health Card.

Till’ next time.