WTS: Used Custom Arcade Stick

It was made by finkle. I love it to death but I haven’t had much use for a stick lately. I’ve owned it for a little over a year.It has Sanwa snap in buttons, sanwa joystick, and a playstation pcb. I still have the template if you want to change the art or what have you. I’m asking for $130 +$10 shipping.






There are three little nicks like that on three of the bottom corners of the stick.

I sure wish I could :frowning: I’m 50 dollars short D:

I’ll trade you an old guitar and amp plus $ for it though :smiley:

PM Sent

pm’ed ya

finkle makes the best sticks.

pm sent.


Thanks for your interests.

Can you tell us where the art came from? It looks familiar…

Its the girl from night shade.

Yeah, it was the only good image of a kunoichi that I could find.