WTS Used Dead Island special edition for 360 ($45 with dlc) and misc blu-rays/strat guides

Hi guys. Trying to scourge money up for a pair of headphones i want and a trip to montana this weekend. Payments accepted via Paypal only

Dead island Sold

Next up is my blue ray movies. 15 dollars each plus shipping aside from the TV seasons which might be more in which i will note by the title .

  1. sin city
  2. The Dark Knight
  3. Boondock sants 1/2 (15 seperate, 25 for both) retail on both are 20 and 30)
  4. watchmen motion comic complete series
  5. taken
  6. weeds season 1
  7. Heroes 1/2/3 ($25 each, 60 for whole thing. retail is 39.99)
  8. resident evil degeneration. this is the CG movie.
  9. underworld trilogy (30 for the whole thing)
  10. Final fantasy 7 advent children complete. (10 dollars)
    12: batman begins
    13: land of the lost
    14: the simpsons movie (10 dollars)
    15: shinobi heart under blade

here are misc. strat guides for games that i have. Most are in pretty good condition, if not I will note by the name. asking price is 10 dollars plus shipping for each besides the Collector edtion hardbacks which are for 20.

  1. Mafia 2
  2. final fantasy IV
  3. borderlands hardback goty guide
  4. zelda twilight princess hardback CE
  5. Zelda phantom hourglass hardback CE.

I’ll post more Games / guides tonight.

Retail on the special edition is actually 59.99, I have adjusted the price accordingly

Awaiting a response from vicko. Until then fight club and dead island are currently pending. Feel free to respond if interested in case he falls through.

Also, a quick update, due to family emergency I will be in montana on friday. I will be unable to ship out items until saturday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Im interested in the Dead Island game ^^