WTS: Used HORI Soul Calibur V Arcade Stick (360)

Optical and Marvel 3 added.

Price Dropped on the Optical.

PM send

Payment send

Optical Joystick sold!

Added mah baby… ugh.

I came in to see the Stick, but I saw you want to buy FG posters…
Check out my trade thread, I have a 3’ x 6’ vinyl mvc3 banner

Is it gonna be hard to change.the art on that tek case since its led modded? I havent done any art swaps on led sticks yet

Unless you’re experienced with modding I wouldn’t try it.

can you post more pics of your custom stick?

Arthong Custom added.

How hard would it be to change the art and color of the led lights?

the art isnt too hard to change, but you would have to take the buttons and the led color has to be green cuz the buttons are green.

For the buttons though say I bought blue colored led buttons would I be able to program it to do blue instead of green? (Stick noob here trying to get started on changing collected sticks up)

clear/smoke buttons can be programmed to do any color, blue buttons can light up blue, green buttons can light up green etc. etc.

Pictures of my mod for TEK-Case of NoChart.

Not easy if you do not do solder work.

The Button LED Boards are KNserts.
They are only White LED.

Hard if you do not do SMD solder work.
If you can do solder though, then you can change the LED to different color.

Here I modified a KNsert to have green LED for another Customer.

There is not programming of these.
These LED are one color only.

KNsert is only White LED.
Require modding if want different color.
The LED in TEK-Case of NoChart is white; stock KNsert.

ArcEye 2 and Uila S are RGB LED.
Can do basic seven colors, or trillion with use of RGB LED Controller.

Thanks for the infor KamiKKazi, Hey NoChart what is the material of the case and what are the dimensions?

The TEK-Case is Acrylic.

Length is 13 1/2" size.
Width is 8 1/2" size.
Height is 2 1/4" or 2 1/2" with feet.

You can buy the TEK-Case from NoChart and have me mod it if you want.
I’m the one who modded for NoChart.

Thanks for the info Jdm714, how much just curious would it be to have just the lights changed on buttons and stick as well as the name plate? And NoChart PM’ed.

Name plate: http://www.tek-innovations.com/arthobbies/?loc=products&cat=12&subcat=&item=143 $4

Thanks for all the assistance, JDM!