WTS: Used Resident Evil 5 for 360 $25 shipped!

I’m selling used copies of the following…

Gears Of War 2- $20 shipped SOLD

Blazblue-$30 shipped SOLD

RE5-$25 shipped

Tales Of Vesperia- $20 shipped SOLD

If you want pics I’ll post them.

*Prices are for people living in US.


Where are these being shipped from?

Kind of looking to pick up a copy of GOW2 so I don’t have to wait for shipping…I’m in SFBayArea, CA


If gow2 lowers in price i’ll hop on that. Been looking for gears 2 for a bit now.

Does Tales of Vesperia have case + manual? Not scratched up?

Of course, I’m not Funcoland.

Price drop

If you haven’t already sold it,

Mark me down for GOW2 please.

I’ll be checking periodically today to see where to send the money.

Ok Paypal is Thabiggerpicture@msn.com just need your contact info, unless it’s on your paypal. Thx

Damn missed the GoW2 again.
time to keep looking :[

Doc I would have totally snagged Tales of Vesperia from you! …But I got impatient and ordered it off of fleaBay for $27 like two weeks ago ;.;

Free bump because them’s great prices.

Vesperia for $20? GTFO…

damn, I want :frowning:

$27!? :shake:

Buy! :grrr:

PMed about BB and Tales of Vesperia, thanks.

Edit: Payment sent for BB and Tales.

RE5 still left

Got my shipment of Gears of War 2.

Nice tape job.

Would definitely recommend this seller. Great turnaround time and product. Disc looks to be in good condition but haven’t gotten a chance to play it.

Thanks Dr. Chaos for the GOW1. Sneaky…very sneaky.

Anywho. Thanks again. Leaving feedback.

lol gow1 freezes sometimes randomly, but online still works It was just collecting dust so I decided to throw it in too.