WTS: Used T5 Hori//works awesome

I got this offa eBay brand new last May, and I love it but I’m planning on buying a custom stick soon. It has a few buffs on the case [my backpack dropped after an anime con], and the art under the ring has faded a little due to use. I did absoulutely nothing to it aesthetically or make it a full Sanwa. Never gave me any problems.

I compared it to a friends 2 month old T5 Hori just last Friday and everything felt very similar.

Here are some pictures:
Right side of the case [from the fall after Otakon]:
The flash makes it look way worse than it actually is :arazz:

Looking for -
55$ [paypal]
50$ [Money order]

If you’re not in the United States extra shipping may apply. PM me with info so I can calculate shipping information.

Awesome, your accepted the right price? that’s good deal seller.

I’ve made build custom my joystick. I copy Hori case and layout. :shake:
I love it custom joystick. :lovin:

good luck.

Thanks man =)

Hope I get a buyer soon.

Lowered the price to 60$
55 for money order

Bump lowered price final time :shake:

55$ [paypal]
50$ [Money order]

yay you sold it! good job :tup:

Wow… that is the most grammatically correct post by opips i have ever read.


Pending on Hitaro0.

If it doesnt work out, next will be Someones, then opips.