WTS: used Xbox 360 and other things

xbox 360 + 20gb HD + power brick, $120

[details=Spoiler]No warranty, bought the 360 off someone on ebay and played it a grand total of 8 hours. The guy who sold it to me offered a 70 day warranty on it (see the new sticker in place of the old warranty sticker), interpret that as you will. It’s in working condition, but as with any other used 360 purchase, caveat emptor.


It powers on.


HDMI port.

The DVD drive inside is likely a Lite-on, I checked the wires and they were yellow. Too lazy to compare disc trays.

I’m asking for $120 shipped to anywhere in the lower 48. Includes 360, 20GB hard drive, and power brick. I can also include composite/component video cables for $5.

edit: Alternatively you can buy just the 360 and nothing else for $90 shipped.[/details]

Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers, $25 for working one, $20 for ‘broken’ one



Bottom left.

The working controller has been used quite a bit, but it otherwise works just fine.

The ‘broken’ controller still works, but it is unable to properly connect with the battery, so it must be plugged in with a play&charge kit to operate. A good padhacker might be able to make it wireless again…[/details]

more stuff to come. Items are available for pickup if you live in the Davis/Sacramento area or don’t mind driving up here.

What chipset does the xbox have?

The power connector is the type seen on Opus/Falcon boards, the power rating is 14.2V (Falcon), and the person I bought it from says it was a Falcon. Since it has HDMI it cannot be an Opus, so yeah, it’s probably a Falcon.

btw, forgot to mention it earlier, if you’re looking to buy just the 360 and don’t need the HDD or any of the other components, it’s yours for $90.

if you still got this shit on friday, ill take it off yo hands.

Haven’t sold it yet, it’s yours if you want it.

nah im buying one from somebody else. thanks anyways though.