WTS V3 SA PS3 Fightstick(75$) and 8 clear seimitsu buttons(18$)

I still have the box it came in and has been sitting in for months now. I used this for about <20 hrs of play and then got rid of the PS3 for an xbox360. Now I have no systems and no need for a fightstick.

Here is what my fighstick is - http://www.amazon.com/Real-Arcade-Pro-V3-Playstation-3/dp/B0041SGD44

Since the thing is like new I was asking 75$ for it. Local Inquiries only please. I hate dealing with shipping since I work , do school, work out, and many other things.

EDIT: I also have 8 clear seimitsu buttons that were barely used. They actually still have the artwork in them from my previous fightstick. I was going to ask 18$ for all of them.

Interested in the seimitsu buttons, but would you be able to ship them or would it be the same as the stick?

Is the Hori V3 SA still available?

I’ll grab that stick if powerpack doesn’t want it anymore.