WTS: Various arcade parts (buttons, sticks, harnesses, more) fast shipping

I have quite a few extra parts, and would like to exchange them for cash!

A lot of shops are very busy right now, and it can take a while to acquire parts from them, so perhaps this can be a way for people to get some parts very quickly.

I’m willing to ship worldwide, am willing ship as few or as many of these parts as one would like, can calculate shipping based upon order, and will try to keep the shipping costs down. And of course, I’ll use delivery confirmation. This should be helpful for both those who just want one small thing, and those who’d like multiple items.

I can accept payment by PayPal or money order.

If you have any questions, or would like to see pictures, please just let me know! Cheers.


2x OBSN-30 screw-in buttons (RED) $3.00 each
1x LB-35 ball top (WHITE) $3.00
2x TP-MA replacement PCB/switch assembly $13.00 each
4x JLF-P-1 flat mounting plate $6.00 each
6x JLF-P-1S S-shaped mounting plate $6.00 each


1x standard button (GREEN) $3.00

Arcade harnesses

I have several arcade machine harnesses, including 2L12B and others. I am only so familiar with identifying these, though, so please let me know what you need and I can send pictures if I’m not sure that I have what you’re looking for.


I have some PSX to USB (PC) converters, broken PS2 controllers (from which you could take the cable for an RJ45 mod, for example), project boxes, and some other things too.

pm’d for jlf

PM received, discussions had, JLF and 1 switch/PCB assembly sold! Thanks to cue16.

I’ll take the shaft please. Possibly more. Let me look.

And a wire harness!

aww fuck it, I’ll take 6 black buttons and the black lb35 as well. PM me with a price and I’ll send you the money when I get the PM. Most likely tomorrow morning. Or tonight.

Cool. PM sent!

PM’d about the pink balltop and a couple of obsm-30 button plugs.

PM sent!

stuff arrived today well packaged and in pristine condition! good stuff

what converters do you have
and have any pictures?

Shipped all of the orders that I received a while ago. Got back to Esjihn, and it turns out he doesn’t need to buy any converters from me. For reference the ones that I have are the Thunder General V converters, and I could send pictures upon request.

Anyone else want to buy some goods? :smile:


PM’ed too.

Responded to PMs.

What’s up Alex?

Do any of those PS2->USB converters work with PS3’s new update?

Edit: Also interested in red balltop and JLF-H. Can pick up locally.

What up? The PS2 to USB converters do work on PS3 with the latest update, but they were not designed for that, so the button mapping is a bit strange. I’d be willing to part with them for $10 each, though!

The red balltop has already been claimed, but the JLF-H can be yours. PM sent.

Ended up getting the red balltop,OBSF-24s, JLF-H and OBSM-24s from him. Thanks!

pm sent