WTS: Various Custom Arcade Stick Cases and....Soaps?- $35-50 Each Shipped (U.S Only) Check 1st Post


damn op, really surprised people haven’t been buying these. anyway, I have a couple of questions. can you make a standard case like the red oak one, sega/type N layout(six button) with three holes and a forth small one big enough to fit a ps4 controller cable? also, can you fit a hayabusa and seimitsu levers in them?


I can make any button layout and since i have no more slabs of wood that were cut at 2 1/8, i can size up the cases that will allow most joysticks to fit. For a playstation cable, the largest drill bit i have is a 3/8 and a small forstner bit at 20mm, unless you meant a cord notch.


Can you make this design in the largest box that you make?


On the front side of the box, there is a port for a Neutrik passthrough on the side of the joystick, and 3 24mm holes on the side of the punch/kick buttons. On the right side of the box there are 2 24mm holes, to add the L3/R3 buttons.
The main buttons (punches/kicks) are based on the hitbox layout with the left, down, and right buttons removed but the up button (the 30mm) kept. In place of the movement buttons is a standard Seimitsu mount (SS plate mount, don’t know if it makes a diff. The actual stick model number: ls-62-01)


Forget about my previous request. Will go in different direction.


I’d be interested in a standard size SEGA player 1 layout. Do the cases come with a bottom or clear/plexi top of some kind? Also, can you do cord notches?


@fundando hey dude, can you tell me if your case fits a hayabusa and/or a ls 40 lever? I wanna make sure before I get my stuff.


cases come with screws for the top panel, joystick, rubber feet, top/bottom plexi and lens wipes. i don’t know how other builders keep their plexi wrap on when cutting. i know some use a laser cutter, but plexi is causing me the most problems. a cord notch is my preferred way to go.


I just got a my case in the mail and I gotta say, it’s totally worth it. Looks great, exactly what I wanted, came very quickly, and for only $35 hot damn what a steal. If anyone has seen this thread and isn’t sure if they want to buy, I’d say go for it. It’s the best value I could have hoped for in buying a case for a stick build.





I just wanted to chime in to second that these cases are a steal. I received my 8 button oak case last week and it’s great. It’s built really well and you can’t really beat the price.


Got mine, too. And it looks great and just how I wanted him to make it.
@hammerbro @bizzazz Any suggestions on what to do to the wood? Sanding, staining etc.?


If you can make an American Mas style case Ill buy that in a heart beat.


its a pity your not in the uk id have one in an instant


a cherry wood big box case is what i’m working on now. it’ll fit happ/il parts but it won’t have that mas look. just a square with a roundover edge trim.

i can ship internationally, i would have to charge extra though. you can send me a pm with an address and i can calculate the shipping rate. it looks like it starts at $23.95 so it’s basically an $11 increase.


@TenderTorture, my oak case came sanded very smooth so I don’t have to do any additional sanding. If you get one of the solid wood cases, just about any stain will work. If you get one of the mdf cases, you’ll have to prime it before painting. I usually use shellac for priming mdf since it tends to not be absorbed as much.


just got my case and out all my stuff in there just to see what it would look like. used a random artwork of mine that I actually really like how it looks. the case is amazing and very well made. I gotta Finish the wood and finish my padhack and I will be done.

$35 for this is a steal and everyone should get one of these. thanks @devastator


giving a bump as i am still making cases but they’ve been mostly through pm’s. still $35 shipped unless there is a difference in size that wouldn’t fit the usual shipping boxes. maybe i’ll start a queue even though there’s still not much demand but at least i can keep things in order. also, since padded flat rate envelopes are free, that’s what i’ll be wrapping cases in since it’s basically a boat load of free bubble wrap. a new mini size is on deck and i’m hoping to get at least 3-4 cases done soon. the sold cases are updated as they go.


Just going to Say I purchased one @devastator case a while back, and I am super happy with it, devastator went out of the way to do a custom order for a fantastic price! also did another custom order for a friend and he delivered with excellence! the shipping was godlike fast and his communication is 8 hours to a day which is very nice! another great feature about his custom sticks is that he supplies everything you need to put the stick together, which saves you a trip to the hardware store and saves you from having to figure it out! cant really complain about anything, only recommendation id have is hope in the future you Dabble into exotic woods and so fourth


i appreciate the kind words geni. all right everyone, due to the holidays and basketball season on the way, i won’t be accepting any more requests. i’ll continue making my standard cases along with a slightly larger mini case, so be on the lookout. i can leave the top panels blank, that way you can choose the desired layout. no additional work will be done to the shell as far as drilling extra holes/etc.
queue list for builds: @ANONYMOUSANIMEPLAYER - mini walnut case , @geni - wide body walnut+ additional case, @bizzazz - wide body red oak case.


A man this is bad news. I def. want a widebody. Please post when your back at it.


@devastator some of his great work! any case he makes is pretty top notch
https://s12.postimg.org/5p12u10h9/Gill_Stick.jpgphoto sharing sites